Fat Loss ,Fitness, and Fabulousness is Simple

This post is from the MAX Personal Training Courses Blog

Common sense, logical, no Cow Poo tips to make sure you get healthy, fit and strong and stay that way long term!! No products, pills, potions, powders or programs to sell you and no magic formulas, secrets or strategies either. Sometimes I think that’s why the western world has gotten so fat and unfit-they think it is complicated, hard or there is a magic key to being healthy and fit and strong-NO!!! It is easy, simple, uncomplicated and YOU will be if you choose to be! 

This is how simple…

  • Love yourself and your body. Respect it so much you only put top quality thing in to it!!
  • Exercise/MOVE to be healthy and feel fabulous-not to lose weight!!
  • Be as excited as a puppy dog to exercise!!
  • Drink more water until you have clear wee’s
  • Eat a higher percentage of fruit and vegetables than any other foods
  • Eat for performance and pleasure and enjoy your food
  • Eat logical amounts of food;-move more, eat more!! Don’t move much, no need to eat much!!
  • The only exercise program that works is the one you do!!
  • CHOOSE to BEHAPPY, be positive and have fun-everyday!! All are YOUR choice and happy folks get fit faster!! 

AND The BEWARE and Warning…Some of those tips will make the fitness fanatics grumpy and the people who sell silly products, that don’t work-VERY grumpy!! But I know you are too smart to get caught up in dodgy sales tricks!!

  • Stick with what you know makes sense
  • If it sounds to good to be true-it is not true
  • If any advice comes wrapped with a product you  MUST buy –the advice is tainted at best or dodgy and dangerous at worst!!
  • If it says, “Must be used in conjunction with a regular exercise plan and a healthy eating plan-do the first 2 and DO NOT buy the product!!
  • Real food, fruit and vegetables will always be the best way to get your vitamins, minerals,anti-oxidants, fibre and nutrition-please BEWARE of a pill or powder that claims it is better than real food-you are too smart!!
  • Your body moves in a normal natural way and all the muscles work together-BEWARE of an exercise or exercise program that suggests you should exercise separate body parts at a time!!
  • When you burn fat-it comes out of all the fat cells in your body-a BIG BEWARE of an exercise or exercise program that suggests you can burn fat off one place and not another-UNTRUE and not possible-the program has revealed itself as DODGY!!!
  • If the advice suggests you, “ can’t have”, “must not have”, “ should not have”, “don’t  have”-ANY of the things you love please be careful. When you think you can’t have it, you will want it more! There is not one food that will make you fat or unhealthy-not ONE!! It is just the amount and the time-frame that is the challenge. A whole chocolate cake, at one time, could be a challenge-and no logic or common sense in eating a whole cake!! However, the equivalent of a whole chocolate cake, over a whole year is not a challenge!!

AND an exercise program you don’t like or one that suggests you should do hours of it at the start-please be careful. Start with just a few minutes a day-EVERYDAY and even if you never do more than a few minutes (everyday) the
accumulation of regular exercise will make you feel like an achiever-AND achievers feel good about themselves!!
Something that sets you up to fail because it is too long or too hard for your fitness level or your lifestyle, makes you feel like a failure. Feeling like a failure will make you act like one and the only failure is when you give up!!

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